On October 11, 2013 all of my students will take a 100 problem math facts test. They will be given 100 seconds to complete as many facts as they can. Each year, about 60% of my students are able to complete the entire page in the given time!

This is a huge challenge that the kids enjoy. We will practice a few times in class, but I expect my students to practice 2-3 times each week at home. You may print numerous copies the actual test using the link below. Students' grades on October 11 will depend on how many facts they complete. If they accurately answer 83 out of the 100 on the page in 100 seconds, they earn an 83% for the test.

Once kids hit 6th grade math, it is imperative that they know their math facts. Speed is just as important as accuracy. Getting hung up on a fact in the middle of a challenging problem is unacceptable.